PixieCon 13

Session on current and upcoming Unity features

by Mr Andy Touch

Product Evangelist, Unity Technologies

Mr Andy Touch from Unity will be at PixieCon 13 to meet and speak with you about Unity and to answer any questions you may have.

Andy will also be giving a preview of Unity's upcoming features, such as its native 2D Framework, and he might even have one or two surprises up his sleeve!

Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Mr Andy Touch Mr Andy Touch
Product Evangelist, Unity Technologies
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Since he added physics to a cube and watched it bounce, Andy has been interested in experimenting and playing around with gaming technology. Having specialised in Unity at university, and then going on to teach the engine to higher education students, he is now part of the Evangelist team at Unity Technologies and helps to spread the word to new users and to show off what it can do! He loves creating interactive 3D art experiments, taking part in game jams & hack days and helping Unity Developers to get the most out of the game engine. When he isn't doing any of these things, he is either marathoning TV shows, playing Dark Souls or challenging everyone to Air Hockey.

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